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Richard R

Alice, I have a wine store in New Jersey and I have been asked so many times what the ingredients are in wine. What is the concentration of sulfites in this wine? Which wines are fortified? and with what? I honestly feel divulging this information is best for everyone... wine sellers and consumers? Do you feel there is that much benefit in adding sulfites to wine? Thanks your time.


Hey Richard,

The sulfite addition is a big question and very different from minimal additions to mega addition--which is the norm. To makes no -sulfur wines the conditions have to be perfect. So yes, there is benefit to small addition for transporting and storing a wine, but a wine made well, without, to me, is just more delicious. But over sulfiting, is never a good thing.

Richard R

Thanks for your comment. I will be an avid reader of your blog. Again thanks for your time.

George Coope

As long as we're talking additives, don't forget acidulants, yeast nutrients and a list of oak adjuncts longer than your arm. I think that people in the industry are afraid that consumers would be shocked by the amount of stuff in there, and they're probably right.

Koleman Zander

our wine lists ingredients. they are grapes and occasionally 20 ppm sulfite. all domestic, low intervention wines do this right? why would they not? it's to their advantage


Thanks for posting, and RR, thanks for your shout out.

David DeLaski

We are finally doing this with our 2014 wines because it was the only way to show we use organic grapes (our vineyard is certified but the winery is not yet). The ingredient list is short (organic grapes, sulfur, bentonite) but since it includes Sulfur Dioxide we decided it is also important info to also list the amount of free and total S02 ppm. Of course it is a dance to get all this information ready and printed on a label in time for bottling so I hope it is appreciated!


Good luck!

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