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This is an important post. I have found this to be true even when I am with people who dismiss a bottle as faulty. and hour or two later the bottle is fine. I suppose we've all been taught that once opened bottles need to be consumeed RIGHT NOW or else.

VT Wine Media

Gently handled wines so often seem to demand time to breathe. It may be apt to say that like a butterflies coming out of cocoons, they need the air so that they can spread their wings and fly.
Best for your New Year. Cheers.

Le Grand  Cru

Hi Alice,
It really sometime they take a sleep through a period after their vivacity baby time,like reduced a bit but revital after patient wait of airing,I met these several time of indeed good potential wine.Cheers!


Nice article! It is true - I've had great surprises from waiting on some bottles. Cheers!

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