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Perfect! I'll be including this with every case I sell. Love me the H2O2!


That was quick, Hank. Needed a little comic relief from Postmoderning?

Fabio Bartolomei

Wow! I thought that hydrogen peroxide was used for bleaching your hair blonde!!!

Linus Hollis

Yes, I use H2O2 to purify and oxidize my pre-1980 pennies for getting rid of SO2, etc... cheaper, easier than the spray. My "Penny Trick" works for all the 'good stuff' made with sulfur-binding yeast so popular in Burgundy & elsewhere. Just don't use modern pennies; they're copper coated zinc & those two metals are synergistic poisons. Kids who swallow the new coins go to the ER! Stupid money! Lovely old Burgundies, etc... blossom with fruit without the Sulfur.

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