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Brigitte Armenier

This "iconic natural" has the anorexic flavour of an oxymoron!


This needs to shared far and wide! And I 100% agree with you about Paolo Bea wines. They are indeed iconic. But have you ever had Italy's greatest wine? they are no longer made by the prince, but honestly, Fiorano whites are the most wonderful wines that have ever existed and I am not the only one who thinks this. i drink them on my birthday every year. Why am I even sharing this in public?


Sarah, I have had Fiorano (once, the semillion) and it is indeed wonderful, and indeed iconic, legendary, but not for being natural. No worries about sharing. Incredibly hard to come by them. A great choice for a birthday wine.

Cutter Knox

Sadly, as a Canadian (eh), it's nigh on impossible to get most of these wines as we're condemned to drink the overpriced plonk as dictated by Big Brother in the province of Ontario. I suppose the alternatives are perhaps getting some of the wine clubs into offering a better selection of biodynamic and organic wines.

I'm curious though as to how hard it is finding most of these in the US - NY state in particular. Seeing as we're in Toronto, we pop down to Premier Wine and Spirits across the border with some regularity so perhaps that would be more viable? And what's the cost you're looking at on a lot of these vintages? I'd presume that for many of us, money is in fact very much an object.

I read an article recently with Hugh Johnson lamenting how so many good wines that were fairly priced even 20 or 30 years ago are now unobtainable by most except maybe once in a blue moon for a very special occasion. And while I can understand that with limited supply - as everyone wants a nice Bordeaux - but I always find that at odds with the big picture that says more wine is being produced than ever before without signs of it slowing down. So which and where do we find these affordable gems for the working stiffs. Dropping $250 on a 95 Emidio Pepe would be nice but something I can ill afford with anything even approaching regularity.

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