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He's not a journalist, he's a critic. He gets paid to opine. A journalist gets paid to report the news - not create it. So long as those in the know understand that there are no rights or wrongs, when it comes to subjective taste, what does it matter? May as well get upset that the sun shines on the just and unjust alike.


Amazing. Is there an English translation anywhere of this? Or maybe I missed it?



Hi Jesse, you can go to Jeremy Parzen's site..http://dobianchi.com/2013/01/09/michel-bettane-natural-wine/


Thanks, Alice.

I continue to be fascinated with how galvanizing and divisive the subject of natural wine can still be after all these years.


I can never understand why "they" care so much what type of wines other people like? My sister-in-law loves oaky jammy Tuscan type wines. I don't care. Sure I'd love for her to come to the other side, but I don't get angry. They get so angry that we like something different. Why? Sarah May



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