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Nick Gorevic

I don't understand why there aren't a thousand comments on this post Alice. People should be up in arms! Someone start a petition! Bring light to the shocking Italian bureaucratic stupidness you've discovered. Where's the outrage people!?


Nick, I agree with you!

Mike Roth

From what I hear from my Italian friends and what I read in the news, as sad as it is, this isn't the only problem in Italy. Hopefully Mr. Bellotti will abandon the DOC, as Mr. Cousin did Anjou, and the consumers will follow his splendid wines where ever they land.


Depressing to read about this. I hope things work out all right in the end. The lack of biodiversity in vineyards is something that's always worried me, though, so particularly stupid he should be persecuted for trying to bring in some biodiversity. Monocultures are never stable systems in the long run...

Brigitte Armenier

Hello Mike, why should Mr. Bellotti "hopefully abandon the DOC"? For if conventional farming cultivates the spirit of monoculture and exclusion, Biodynamics on the other hand looks for biodiversity, be it in the vineyards or in a social organization of individuals as a DOC can be understood.

Alice, as far as I know Mr. Bellotti practices Biodynamics since 1984, meaning that 2012 is his 28th year of work with the preparations and an understanding of the cosmic rhythms. I can imagine that the meaning of a 28th year didn't escape him…

Ending the year on space and time :)

Lorie Honor

Hi Nick...I wish that we and the peasant class, that Stefano Bellotti, enthusiastically describes himself as joining when he decided to farm, would rally with pens and pitchforks in hand but perhaps the best way that we can honor Stefano is to drink his wine and let healthy commerce for him and delicious peach-tainted wine for us be the last word.
Thanks Alice for shining the light on this....I'm ordering as we speak!


Government ineptitude and bureaucracy or corporate greed ala Monsanto...damned if you do, damned if you don't. Doing business here with government is painful enough but I'd sooner attempt performing open heart surgery on myself with a rusty spoon than deal with the Italian government for business.

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