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thank goodness you are all okay! hang in there... and the newsletter looks fantastic...

A Facebook User

Glad to hear you and your mom are OK Alice, Julia and I were completely impressed with the scope of the damage to NY and that still you came up with the newsletter, you are one amazing lady. Hope everything returns to normal ASP.

Wink Lorch

Alice, thank you for bringing this scene to life.... So hard to visualize from afar how awful it must be in Lower Manhattan and other places affected. And, as for your mom, what a woman, reminds me of several of a certain era, some still here, some sadly gone, all just as stubborn. Hope you are sheltering well with good wine nearbt, and that things return to a semblance of normal soon.


Wow. As the previous commenter mentioned, this post really brings the scene to life. I can't imagine how scary that must have been... I also thought the newsletter looked fantastic and was amazed that you still managed to send it out this week - kudos! I hope your power comes back very soon.


Scary! Haunting imagery too, I can't believe that scene is really NY! Hope life returns to normal very soon..


Thanks all for the good wishes. It's been quite a week.


Alice! Thank you for the thoughtful piece! There is a piercing clarity that comes from challenging situations. A focus to that which is absolutely necessary and the gift of friendships solid as bedrock. Thank you for capturing those moments and sharing your prose. Our thoughts continue to be with you! (And your Mom!)


Thanks Erin, hope all is well out west.


Thanks for posting this story, it's been a very long week and as the power continues to come on we are seeing just how bad this storm was. Normal will be different going forward. We dealt with Irene last year and now this. Luckily this storm came after the locals had harvested. But how long will it be for Fire Island, Mastic, Babylon, Long Beach, Bayside, Rockaways, all the places south of Houston to get back to what may be the new normal.

Just had a little gathering at a friends with power and we all mentioned that the amount of wine consumed this last week was quite a bit above normal. Wonder if FEMA will pick-up our increased wine bills?

Good luck with your Mom getting back to her place.


Thanks. Mom is still on her adventure, I won't go into the details, but remains to be seen. On the other hand, speaking of wine, our friends at Red Hook Winery were on the front lines of destruction, with all of 2012 getting spilled--the wine equivalent of still birth. http://nonabrooklyn.com/after-the-flood-hope-for-a-comeback-amid-fears-of-a-total-loss-at-the-red-hook-winery/#.UJclgWOe9Z8

My heart goes out to them. Of course this is biz and they are safe in homes so it could be worse, but the pain of losing a year of nature, well, that is a category of it's own. Thanks for the note.

Sarah May

Oh my! Glad to know you are safe.

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