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Great post, Alice. However, since all of my feeds featuring the name Georgia must be referring to Dr. and Mrs. Parzen's extremely cute baby, I am boycotting your always insightful content for exactly one hour.

(Keep up the great work!)



You are totally justified!


Great post. I know you are a vegetarian, was it easy for you to travel in Georgia? I am planning on visiting next way for 2 weeks. Do you have a translator or guide you like to use? I don't want to rely on Lonely Planet. I am going on a wine journey. Hopefully stopping in Amenia for a few days.


There is a lot of meat but there's plenty of vegetable and great cheese and egg dishes. It's a very vegetable-based died and a delicious one. It would help a great deal to travel with someone who spoke Georgian. You could contact John @ Pheasant's Tears ---http://www.pheasantstears.com/index.php?id=20&lang=eng---for some help getting the right guide if you don't want a 'tour.' He's the right connection.


Great. I have been looking at their website for the past fews months. And I meant Armenia. There is a crumb under my R. Thanks you and congratulations on the translation.

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