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fascinating-- in the same way that I used to gaze at dead rabbits hanging in the windows of Italian butchers in the Village. Glad to know someone is keeping these old traditions alive. I guess. Why waste a calf head, after all?


My friend Melissa did a pig head the other day, she would have eagerly stuck her fork in here. It is fascinating, but this was such a traditional, old- fashioned restaurant that the carrot and onion inside of the head were the only vegetables I could see as I looked around me.

Brigitte Armenier

Une Tete de Veau un 10 Aout? Citoyenne Alice, la Republique Reconnaissante te decerne le Ruban Rouge de la Charte de BoVin Naturel


Who knew! But where are the pictures?

Brigitte Armenier

Pas de photos, c'est la Convention.


Hi, New to this site but glad to be here... until I stumbled upon this story :) The calf heads were just too much for me. The chin was pretty bad too. Are you glad you didn't partake in the feast??


Hi Lara, try to stick to the wine on the site, the chins were a side show. And as a long time vegetarian, partaking was not really in the cards and I was delighted to abstain. Thanks for stopping by.

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