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Paolo Bea wines changed my life in a profound way. They are wines I have been searching for for so long. When people ask me what is your favorite wine it is no contest, the Paolo Bea Arboreus-Vino Bianco 2008 It was LUSCIOUS. I mean just pure nectar, but still off dry, fresh. Fruits, pears, bread, citrus, flowers, complexity I never thought possible in an Italian white wine. On the palate, explosions of flavors, slight maderization, similar to a good quality Madeira, and THAT COLOR, intense golden yellow, no hint at all of additives to make the color more brilliant. I felt like I tasted the hills, it was strongly mineral; it tasted like the heat of the Umbrian summer when the grapes are ripening. Ahhh, what can I say, this wine was a true wine moment for me, a true epiphany! For the first time I knew what an Umbrian flavor was. There was something mushroom, sunny, nothing green, pure summer and fall. Rich and intense long-lasting fruity and mineral finish. I am sad to read about the use of the name. It coud be confusing for a person not familiar with Bea's labels. They could take that wine instead because they may have read about Bea's wines and want to try them.


Yes, it could have been very confusing, and unfortunate. Bea's reaction was very understandable. Arboreus is a lovely wine and the '09 is no disappointment. Thank you for your comment!

Cutter Knox

You have a real knack for turning wonderful phrases, Alice. I can never think of Italian wines - the spoofalated kind at any rate - now without thinking of that wonderfully cheeky phrase of yours in Parkerization - which I now use for all spoof wines - 'molto spufalato'.

Your other phrase from Naked....'a fat and slutty syrah' makes me giggle like a schoolboy whenever I drink syrah now.

You certainly make reading about wine a hell of a lot fun, Alice.



Aren't you sweet. Thanks so much, made my day.

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