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Nick Gorevic

It's a fake!


Thanks, Alice for your kind words about my article, which took a lot of interesting research...

At the auction last year, François Audouze was indeed the under-bidder, but there were several others bidding too up to quite a high level, so I wouldn't be too certain that Christie's won't attract some interest in this. But here's the thing: this is not the only bottle left of the 1774 stash, there are others I've heard, maybe up to 15, though in very varied condition in terms of level.

No, @Nick Gorevic - it won't be a fake, see my article for background to why.

The good news about the Jura to me, is that there are not only Ganevat and Overnoy out there, there are several up-and-coming new/young producers beginning to make great wines (a few of whom will be at next week's trade tastings in Chicago, Montreal, Quebec and Toronto). It gets better and better, even if quantities will always remain limited.

Wink (sorry, never know how to login properly to TypePad to post a comment)

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