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Tom Wark

I would argue that a lack of definition for what is "natural" in the wine world is helpful for this movement: It allows the promotion of the "idea" without having to adhere to anything in particular.

On the other hand, it means that anybody can righteously call their wine "natural" and have every legitimate reason to call it "natural" without any fear that their labeling of their wine natural being called into question.


Hello Tom, I really think the definition is impossible. And if people can't taste the difference themselves......But anyway, see my latest post on S.A.I.N.S. Thanks for stopping by.

A Facebook User

Lack of definition is not the advantage, lack of government regulation is. Why? Because business interests invariable capture the regulators and bend policy to their will. Look to any heavily regulated industry to prove my point: banking, insurance, energy, hell even slaughterhouses -- all regulated to discourage small competitors and to allow the giants to do an say as they please.

The alternative for natural winemakers is to state your aims and DISCLOSE YOUR INGREDIENTS AND PROCESSES. -michael, lospilareswine.com

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