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Pelin Thorogood

Alice - i am one of the 4 "conspirators" behind Los Pilares - we are so delighted you liked our wine...and even more importantly WHY you liked it. we excited about our first vintage and looking forward to continuing to explore the possibilities of San Diego backcountry, and with any luck, having San Diegans pay more attention to the wine goodness that our area can deliver . Salut ;-) Pelin

William Allen

Glad I saw this Tweet. Alice, there really are more small vintners in California making wine like this than you realize, thanks to the zooming concept of custom crush, dozen of small guys are doing it.

Two Shepherds launched last year with only 175 cases, 500 this year. The GSM is 2/3 from cool climate RRV, all native ferments, unfined, unfiltered, under 14% and all neutral oak. As are the Grenache Blanc, Marsanne/Roussanne, and Viognier.
( http://twoshepherdsvineyards.com/ )

The reds aren't easy sells to standard consumers, but wine aficionados like them, (though young) and are gaga for the whites.

Pelin - will you be at Hospice du Rhone? love to connect.


just tasted and entered a note in cellartracker: https://www.cellartracker.com/wine.asp?iWine=1211761. looking forward to trying the next vintage

Sarah May

This is my home town and I am so excited to try this wine next time I am there.

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