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Frances Lopez

This is a remarkably beautiful entry about a remarkable man. I never got the chance to meet Joe, but I've been following his blogs, drinking his wines, and this week, I've read peoples' stories about him. From an outsider, Joe seemed like one of those mythical creatures; the kind of person you could simply adore after meeting him briefly...an honest, daring, and candid person; full of life, humor,and the steadiest of footing on his very strong opinions. I'm sorry for your loss, Alice.

Alfonso Cevola

Even for Marxists, there is a wine god. Beautifully written post, Alice.

There are the big trees in this little old wine world, and no doubt, Joe is, was, one of them. But the little old wine world runs on an energy and a rhythm >1 .

Fear not, little sister, the wine gods are looking out for all their wines and creatures. Drink on. Write on!

Congratulations for London...

Scott Tyree

Really lovely, Alice.

Nunc Est Bibendum

A very touching post Alice. Thank you for sharing.


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