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Really lovely post Alice.

I'm a big fan of C.Ducroux and Eric Textier. And funny, was introduced to both by the team at Chambers Street Wines.

I appreciate this in person view of his personality and vineyard. I only know him from a distance, through the wine itself.

My only quibble is the choice of 'farmer's'. It sounds somewhat limited while to me his wine tastes so genuine and fresh and universal that I feel that he made it to share with me;)


Hello Arnold, and for me too! I just love that he doesn't want to make an important wine, but that a simple and enjoyable wine is his motivation.


Interesting and personal and pleasurable are way more important to me than an ideal of 'perfection'.

I feel that way about 'natural' wines in general and that's why I'm drawn to them.


Great Post and VERY interesting video. Thanks!

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