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Nicholas Abuabara

"Forget the name! It is the place, not the grape that matters!" Go Laurent!
Enjoyed this article!

Brigitte Armenier

"Of supreme importance is the correct marriage of the two that makes the difference": yes, as long as we don't fall into the reductionist trap which forgets that any marriage is part of a context, here the farming context. Or one will end up talking of "earth and terroir" when one uses glyphosate and nitrogen fertilizers... We simply can't exclude the How when it comes to a living phenomenon. It might even become the question of supreme importance in the future.

Matthew Edwards

I am torn on this issue. Imagining a scenario where no winemaker had to disclose what varietals they used and were free to plant whichever they wanted in order best express the land sounds romantic but fodder for all types of skullduggery in the name of terroir by the less virtuous, or an erosion in the tradition of an area. But who am I to say that chardonnay or aligote best expresses the vineyard I have in Burgundy, if I had one, of course? Why not torrontes? I know, I know, appellation restrictions would never allow this and for good reason. It's funny, on one hand I want full disclosure about how the wine I am drinking was made, but I also don't want to allow that same information (in this case, grape variety) to give me tunnel vision in regards to the expression of the land.

Brigitte Armenier

To ease the pain :)... while the farmer gives the information as a living experience, the danger of tunnel vision arises only when the information is received as an explanation, from the Lat. ex-planare: an outward flattening which, by nature, lacks any depth.

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