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Alfonso Cevola

Hi Alice

I think it would be interesting to taste the wines "in loci" .

I know last year I was supposed to meet Anthony there and he talked about being on the hill and how special it was to taste the wines right on the spot.

I'd love to try them that way, away from lights and concrete with the smell of the mountain burning beyond.

thanks for sharing!


I'd love to taste the wines there, and one day, I will. We will? I do find it interesting that Frank says his wine tastes best in Japan.

Joseph Di Blasi

What?!! Contadino on the shelves at Whole Foods,UK??!! And, for only £14.99??!!
Ok, i don't know how I feel about that... Part of me thinks WTF?! and the other part of me thinks...cooool.

how do you feel about it Alice?



Don't quite know what to make of them. Here are my notes.

2007 - 2008 MunJebel Rosso #5: Interesting wine. A bit funky on the nose, sort of bouquet of wet grass clippings. Medium red hue, good fruit but remained closed throughout with small moments of awakening. Need to try this in a year.

009 Cornelissen Vino da Tavola Rosso del Contadino No.7Funky wine. Color that resembles a cloudy Rosé. Bouquet of wet grass clippings. The wine seemed to go back and forth from sip to sip. Some sips displaying well balanced fruit with a soft finish, while others displayed very little. Honestly do not know what to make of this wine. While Cornelissen makes his wines without the addition of sulfites, those that I purchased do contain sulfites. Is this affecting the wine? Don’t know.

Do they need more cellar time?


Joseph Di Blasi

hey Mark

All of Frank's wines are made without the addition of sulfite's, but the label will still state "contains sulfite's" if there are more than 10mg of (naturally occurring) sulfur at time of bottling. So, although your bottle said "contains sulfite's", there were none added.

On another note, I taste the wines of Frank Cornelissen almost on a daily basis and have written more than once about them on my blog, if you are interested in reading about them. I am quite sure that Alice also has written about his wines on more than one occasion.
The wines can be a bit strange the first few times you experience them. They weren't designed to taste a certain way, rather they are an expression of his grapes in that particular vintage, nothing added and nothing taken. Perhaps you will develop a taste for them and perhaps not. I for one love them and think that his Munjebel Bianco is one of my favorite wines of all time.

Frank's wines are drinkable when they are released, but I have on occasion tasted bottles with a few years of cellar age and in my experience become a bit more delicate and feminine.



Thanks for clarifying the sulfur issue, Joseph, I was out of touch in Vermont so couldn't. Mark is no stranger to wines that reflect vintage, so he's definitely prepared for a roller coaster ride. But Frank's wines are pretty particular. Because of the no sulfur issue, we'd have to be sure the wines were shipped and stored well before they got into Mark's hands. But the reading on the Contadino seems to resonate with my memory and I can see how he got there. I just liked them more. However, I think not knowing what to make of a wine is a pretty great note. And as far as availability in WF? Why not!
What I don't know is why the shopkeep talked me out of buying one.


Contadino at Whole Foods? Sounds like a dream...


out of this world wines.

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