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Hag sameach! We spoke of our Ethel at our seder...


Moed Tov Alice!

How did the Seder wines turn out???



J--why on earth would you bring Ethel up. She was in rare form over these two days, barely got out of there in the nick of time.

Hey David, chag sameach. Never got to the Wilm. (only two of us for the seder). Hard to remember notes as I couldn't write, but Pinot was very lovely the first night, translucent with that forward fruit I usually have a hard time was there but subdued under the brush, and that eucalyptus that many a winemaker has tried to erradicate but I've always loved as a sense of locality. I appreciated it. Tannins present, giving it backbone and structure. The second night, the terroir came out and the eucalyptus turned into a strong aroma of Noxema. The P.Petita was very good though not at all as wild or as interesting but was classic, well made, straightfoward, not messed up with wine, if that makes sense. I think it is going to be my fall back when I can't go into my regular stash. Also, FYI, IMHO, it surpasses most of the non-kosher wines I've had from Montsant or Priorat.

Lastly, your post on what is kosher was much appreciated.


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