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Sounds like my degree! You'd get a kick out of the newer Lallemond product lines Alice!


I read that catalogue the way others read the bible.

Adam Lee


Why just point out the stateside wine additives? Here are the EU Regulations on wine and what may be added and what processes may be used:


Adam Lee
Siduri Wines


Or, Adam, for that matter, the whole world.


A Facebook User

And this is just the list of APPROVED additives.

Nacho Viniviticultura

This is just one of the reasons why I love natural wine. Then there are thousands of reasons more


Wow... Or as the Boy Wonder would say 'Unholy Crap, Batman'. Olly @ Indigo Wine

Chrissa Chase

Raising awareness of what you are probably unaware of the next time you sit down to your organic meal.

Sarah May

Just gross. I always wonder if people with allegies have problems with wines like this.

Peter Pann

I'm interested in the prices of all that stuff. No wonder lots of top domains are so expensive. In the end it is like cooking to me, you want good ingredients and fes. The more you muck about with it the less tasty it gets.

Dorthy Packer

It amazes me all that goes into one bottle of wine. Is this printed on the wine bottles so that people can see what is going in their bodies? Especially if one is allergic to any of these ingredients. There are lots of different types of wine products in the world and there are lots of people that drink it. Is this healthy for people to be drinking?


Can't be healthy, but I don't believe the effect of these ingredients are being studied. Thanks, Dorothy.

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