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Joe Dressner

The correct spelling is shtetl.

Joe Dressner

If someone in California had organized a similar event with similar personalities, you would accuse them of having sold out the cause of natural wines.

Please use correct spellings and please avoid hypocrisy.

But remember, I love you anhow!

Joe Dressner

anhow and anyhow!


I wish she had mentioned something about the amazing dinner in her honor at Vino Vino, then you might have a different idea of the whole event.


Alice, we had so much fun while you were here! I'm so glad that we managed to put this together and Texas is STILL talking about (and missing) Alice Feiring.

Thanks again for taking time out to visit with us...

We'll see you in NYC sooner than later...

abbraccio j


Fantastic time! See you soon in Texas!

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