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sounds wonderful, just like the wines we grew up with in California.

btw- just opened a '76 Clos du Val Zinfandel and it was exhilarating and perfect

Eric Texier

Unlike Coturi that are really to extreme for my palate, I will follow you about these guys, Alice. The Clary Ranch is the very best US syrah I have tasted by far. "Un vin avec de jolis aromes" as Chauvet would say... I wish more Northern Rhone to taste like this.
Along with the Donkey and Goat Roussannes, this is the kind of US wines I want to share with my friends.


Eric, try the Coturri carignane + chardonnay. And the Donkey & Goat Untended Chardonnay ---add that to the roussane! I cannot believe I'm recommending Cali-chards. What is this world coming to!

Amy Atwood

I tasted the Arnot & Roberts trousseau recently and found it interesting as well. It is exciting to see this new wave of CA winemaking that eschews unnecessary manipulations. And I agree, CA field blends, both red and white, are a niche to watch....and enjoy. Cheers, Amy


Glad to hear you like these CA wines, I think that Duncan and Nathan are making some killer stuff! It is exciting to see what new winemakers will do in CA exploring the possibilities of small scale, craft winemaking, without following the dictates of high ripeness winemaking that dominated the craft production of wine from the mid-90s on...

Coleman C

so do we get the retraction now?


Not yet! But I could easily do another Op-Ed on the change that has already started.

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