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The main issue that this highlighted to me was the need for more legislation, to prevent such deception in the future.

Interesting, some people responded to my post in saying that they did not find the label misleading - or rather that they didn't feel it would mislead the type of person who buys €4.99 supermarket wine.

Personally I find that a little insulting. Plenty of people are drawn to statements like "natural", even if subconsciously. If that statement turns out to nothing more than empty marketing puff, they are being misled.

But I would have been more interested to get La Tulipe/Ilja Gort's insights on why they chose to market in this way, and what sector/audience they are going after.

Sadly M. Gort has declined to engage with me, so it seems we're not going learn any more about the matter.

I will just say one thing which may be pertinent - as far as I can tell this wine is made exclusively for the Dutch market. According to my sources, the phrase "natural wine" is pretty much unheard of in the Netherlands - even amongst some wine professionals.

It is interesting that a wine made for the Netherlands has an all-English label, but then again I've been told that the Dutch love such things - it's almost trendy to do so.


Hi Simon, I was wondering if this was just for the Dutch market. There are a few natural wine importers in Holland, I meet them all the time at tastings, and certainly, nearby Belgium is crawling with vin naturels, but I digress.

I believe that legislature to safeguard the word would probably fail, as it would be impossible not to drag the food world in on this and big bus, I believe, has too much to lose. A pity he wouldn't engage, but then again, why would he? A smart one, that Gort is.


I agree that it's a wild goose chase trying to "protect" the world natural.

But forcing producers to list ingredients (incl. total SO2) would at least give consumers a way to judge for themselves whether any claims made on the label are true or not.

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