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Joe Dougherty

Quite a bit going on in that post, but to pick one of the less important, the Kermit labels jar me more than the Chadderdon strips because they are integrated into the winery's label. He seems to be moving into the same house rather than moving in next door.

Rosenthal's back label, OTOH....


Yes! In total agreement. Chateau and Estates used to be integrated in the same way, no? In the first post I said exactly that and it didn't make it into the final edit. Thought about including the back label of Neil, and really should have so glad you brought that up to. It may be on the back label, but Neil takes top billing, as if you need to know nothing about the producer except the Domaine name and location, but the NR philosophy? How many words on that back label?


Alice, I'm not sure if it's true but back when I briefly worked for a west coast importer of some note, I always heard the importer needed to be listed on the front of the bottle. This importer rarely did it, but sometimes did, and I've since learned that it's not uncommon to list the back label as the front in TTB label approval applications. Or it's an overlooked rule. Or not a rule at all. Clearly Kermit's newish big font right on the front isn't just about compliance, if at all.

I share some of Jose's consternation about the importer being more known than the producer. But I see importers like book publishers. Being part of a certain list is important, has meaning, and as you put well, sometimes carries more meaning for the buyer than anything else. If Jose or LDM or whatever represents the wine, that means something, especially when I'm completely lost on the producer or even appellation.

Interesting end to the post. I like how this post traveled.


Hello Vincent, Thanks loads for your post (and the note on my ending.) Lots of importers have a little footnote on the front, Europvin etc. And required on the back, that's okay. It's like---who did the editing? Your point well taken.


Alice, thanks for this piece. I have often had very mixed feeling about labels like the Foillard. It's one of my favorite wines and Kermit Lynch is a great guy, so it just never added up why his name was splashed on the marquee? I still feel uneasy when I drink that particular bottle of wine, but it is so amazing, am I selling out? -Confused in Brooklyn


DearTheZinfandel: What a pickle indeed, love the wine and confused about the ego? Well, don't punish Foillard or yourself for someone else's label. What is really behind this confusion and guilt? Long lost issues with the overbearing father perhaps? Let's take this one to the couch, but meanwhile, try to take the joy out of Foillard, because there is plenty there. I am confident you are up to the task. Yours, shrink Alice

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