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Hi Alice,

I appreciate your Newsweek article and in fact much of your writings and think there is something ungracious about the reactions people have when all we're suggesting to my understanding is be free, free to try, free to fail, free to succeed. Many have said if you don't mistakes you'll never learn and gain skill and maybe if your lucky to succeed in creating something new that might just be lovely.

There is too much argument and people should be free to experiment and see what happens. To write of battle maybe brings publicity, but as a wine drinker and explorer of art, craft and science, does nothing to help me grow. To be ridiculed if you're just sharing a bottle of wine with a less known variety or a variety made with craft, love and skill is surely not right. What's wrong with difference. Sure maybe some won't like it, but if you don't know what you don't like how will you know what do like.

Live is too short to not keep exploring and learning. Let in the love, let go of the hate. Hope this makes some sense, but if not that's ok too, at least its not a rant. As I saw a poster yesterda, after the storm, the sun does come out.


Scott Gruber

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