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"Light," he has observed, "is at least as important, or more important than temperature, but few people ever talk about it."

Amen to that.

Bill Nanson

JCLBDLM (!) even asked me not to write a word about his trip into bio, at east not before he was certified. I have the impression that his is very much a 'road to Damascus' type of conversion...

Nice report Alice!


Hey Bill, He still very sensitive and doesn't want to be known as a Biodynamic producer until he really is certified. He didn't tell me not to write about it, so it was fair game! Thanks for stopping by.

Linus Hollis

As wonderfully ecological as organic is, especially for the environment, biodynamic is the equivalent of probiotics for the vineyard. Whenever I express it this way, everybody gets it.

Doug Tunnell

Fascinating, Alice. Thank you.

A question -- I'm not sure what the following refers to:

"...he's seen none of the increased acids, but he thinks there's more vibrancy."

Are BD winegrowers reporting "increased acids" ?



Hello Doug,

So nice to know you stop by. I'll have to go and give the piece a good edit. He meant that many BioD producers see a healthie acid/pH relationship. I often hear this in hotter climates like California, for example. He's not seen this, and he's seen no change in wine/ juice chemistry, but he does see and taste the wines being more vibrant. But that too, he's reticent to say and would rather others be the judge of that.

What have you seen from Brick House?


Engaging explanation of a potentially ponderous topic - touché re: light.

Doug Tunnell

I think "vibrant" sums it up nicely. More verve, more life...I'd have to really sharpen the pencil to say if we've seen changes in chemistry. There are so many variables here, especially in winelands on the margins.

Brigitte Armenier

Oh, finally someone who seems to be very clear in what he does and what he thinks!

Ned Hoey

One thing I'm mystified about is that "organic" offers unlimited possibilities, as long as whatever you're using meets organic standards. You can try any methodology, inputs, lunar cycles, whatever. One can even take what one chooses from BD and modify it to suit etc. BD is a pretty specifically programmed regimen, and considering the differences unique to each site, I've often wondered just how "one size" can fit all.

I don't see how, considering that significant difference in available options, someone could declare organic as being less worthy than BD. It isn't a comparison of different apples, or apples to oranges, it's a comparison of apples to fruit.


Hi Ned, And that is exactly what some people do, who are winging it on instinct. But in Jean-Charle's case, it would probably take a whole lot longer to experiment with which of the BD treatments work best for his needs then to follow the program. And his point was to speed up the process of healing.

I know in DRC's case, Aubert says that they never saw a difference between organic and biodynamic, but that might be because DRC never chemically farmed so the basic health of the soil was there in the first place. Like you, I personally don't believe there's any one way, except the way that feels right.

Brigitte Armenier

Alice, where did you pick up the idea that the nine biodynamic preparations can be divided and used as objects according to "one's needs"?


Hello Brigitte, I'm not sure that I stated that idea at all. I do know people who worked with biodynamic practice and then left, but kept some preparations that they particularly liked or believed worked well for them.

Brigitte Armenier

Sorry Alice, but that one would "keep some preparations" only means that one had not understood Biodynamics in the first place!

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