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Ok. I understand the lemon juice, but what's the purpose of cumin seed and salt? Wouldn't salt dehydrate you more?

Personally I try to stay away from the sulfured and oaky wines.

As far as a remedy, i've noticed that if you drink as much water as you did wine before you go to bed, you may still have a bit of a hangover but you avoid the headache. The side effect is that you have to go to the bathroom alot after your done drinking the water!

Linus Hollis

The lemon juice et al will make one thirsty & that's good. The low blood pressure [alcohol dilates capillaries] can be reversed with a small sprig of Feverfew, [about an inch wide] a vasoconstrictor good for migraines & hot flashes. Take carefully. Its bitterness will also provoke hydration.

Jason Shoemaker

This is a new one to me, but it makes sense to a certain extent. Drinking a salt water solution would help with dehydration, which is certain and issue when drinking, and salt (sodium) is a good electrolyte. Additionally, lemon juice would contain vitamin C which is a good anti-oxidant and is often used as an immune booster.

If interested in products that offer similar, if not better results, check out www.drinkpregame.com.


John M. Ramsay

Here at Magipatch (http://magipatch.com) we have created a patch that delivers the medication needed to endure the hangover and in most cases let the celebration go longer with enhanced alcohol consumption while using our hangover remedy patch.

We would love to send a sample to the site’s moderator to give it a try and let us know your thoughts.

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