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Thomas Glasgow

Really in the spirit of full disclosure, Feinbererg a public servant (via Rutgers) should disclose what she drank. And I don't want to hear her husband paid for it. And did she travel via Acela?


I am extremely curious to find out what she was drinking. For her sake, I hope she took the Fung Wah.

Rob Edmiston

Thomas Glasgow. "And I don't want to hear her husband paid for it. "
She and her husband were celebrating her birthday. Do you have to pay for your dinner on your birthday? I wonder why????

Edward Royce

What bothers me is that every time something like this hits the news the industry in question takes a massive hit and goes into a nosedive.

Regardless of who is in the right or wrong the circumstances that result generally seems to end up with many other people losing their jobs or businesses. People are so squishy about enjoying some things in this environment.

Obama mocks people who fly to Las Vegas and Las Vegas economy tanks. Obama talks about how awful it is for people to have private jets and now the private jet industry is having serious problems.

If this nonsense gets into the news cycle how many people will avoid high-end restaurants or the higher priced wine list because they don't want some twit sitting next to them taking a youtube video of them on their smartphone?

How many public relations advisers are telling their clients to avoid such situations for the next few months? And what kind of unholy Hell will that unleash on those businesses and employees?

Radleigh Tains

the point is were ryan's guests lobbyists and did they buy the wine? that would be influence peddling; also "the woman's behavior to me was far more interesting than the politicians," should be corrected to read "the woman's behavior to me was far more interesting than the politicians',"


From the story it is not clear if they were lobbyists, but it is clear that Ryan bought one bottle, the others bought one bottle. Seems kosher to me.

Joe Dougherty

Some chat and further info downscreen here:

But, Alice, how green do you suppose that 2004 GC still is?

But you're right about the Clape and etc., nice prices.


Joe, wine disorder's is a most entertaining thread.


oh so silly . . .
1. cynical, but 3500 is more in the range of prices of trying to influance a politico.
2. great choice if you want burgundy in terms of the price to value ratio though I agree with Alice- there are better wines on that list.
In short why is this news?

Chip Hughes

Feh. Wasn't Jayer-Gilles one of the guys who went all in with Guy Accad back in the '80s? Kacher's Burgundies are all second-rate.


I like Burgundy more than the next person (I have a $60 Castagnier Clos-St-Denis from Uva in Williamsburg burning a hole in my cellar), and I give myself buzz cuts (the one benefit of being nearly bald), but I believe most people spend more on haircuts than on single bottles of wine even when they're splurging on the wine. Doesn't everyone agree that expensive haircuts and expensive wine are both luxuries? In fact, wine seems more of a luxury than a haircut for a politician because they're in the public eye.

frank schmidt

I deplore the breach of common etiquette by Prof. Feinberg. Alice, I wouldn't accost you at a table, and I would be really interested in what you have to say, in contrast to Rep. Ryan.


Frank, I felt her behavior was appalling.

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