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Ryan O'Connell

Whoa whoa. To my knowledge, a wine key is a specific kind of corkscrew (the one you have a photo of in your post). The word corkscrew describes any tool that screws into a cork. Winekeys, which are a type of corkscrew, also have a blade to cut the capsule, and they generally feature a hinged lever that helps remove the cork. Or maybe I'm just crazy.

Thomas Glasgow

Wine key sounds like a marketing term to justify higher prices. The corkscrew in the photo look's like a waiter's corkscrew.

Cassandra Lee

I've worked in the restaurant business for almost 20 years, and we (the servers, managers, wine directors) have always referred to that tool as a 'wine key.' A 'corkscrew' was the old-fashioned rabbit-eared device for home use, too bulky to carry and use at a table...the 'wine key' was the waiter's tool. It's definitely not a marketing tool, and it's definitely not expensive, it's just convenient :-) Interesting read though!


Well, Cassandra, that's kind of up for debate. But I find who uses it and why pretty interesting and just wanted to have a little fun.

Thomas yes, waiter's friend. Ryan? You're in synch with Levi. I still find the genesis of this all pretty interesting. Thanks all for writing in.


Wine key?

Doesn't seem to have reached England yet. Sounds like the sort of word for people who say mixologist when they mean barman.

Zach Slater

How about "that opener thing"? More positive, still sexual.

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