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Stu & John, Stir both ways. No problem here. The more the merrier. We're not going to convince each other. I don't have science at my finger tips, I just have observation and inclination. Though I can't understand how you can tell me what goes into the soil doesn't come out to the fruit? Gardeners always have to have their soil tested to determine if planting is safe. As regards sulfur and copper? Small amounts have been beneficial to humans, no? Of course you'll be able to pound that truism to the ground....as far as petrochemical, many farmers are seeking out elemental sulfur these days. Anyway, I support the right for a farmer to use whatever they need not to lose their crop in certain years. No one wants the farmer to go broke. But dependency on certain products such as fertilizers in India, which of course were sold as safe, have destroyed the land. This one isn't the best article, but it will suffice and I'm sure you know of it. http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052748703615904575052921612723844.html

I am not saying that people are being poisoned by the level of chemical residue in wine, I just prefer to limit my ingestion of them and I prefer soil that uses product indiscriminately. In addition, I have a basic distrust of science as what is safe according to the FDA (an organization that needs a major disaster before it acts). Put organic in there as well. I consider it a lesser of evils but it is still a chemical farming modality.

How many drugs have been approved that have proven dangerous? Let's take certain drugs to lower cholesterol? Lowers the cholesterol but creates a number of other debilitating
side effects?

So, I'll continue to eat and drink according to my instincts (which is different than opinion.) We are animals, after all, and instinct, if it is heeded, is natures defense against danger.

Brigitte Armenier

Yes Alice, according to organic farming, "we are animals." And so as to stir the pot in both directions, according to conventional/sustainable farming, we are machines.

But the pot is being stirred so as to create a vertical vortex: according to biodynamic farming, we are human beings.

For if it is true that we have animal instincts and a mechanistic functioning, yet this does not mean that we are those instincts and/or mechanisms. As human beings we can get access to freedom and free will. We can choose whether to master our instincts or be mastered by them. As farmers we can choose whether to depend on the mechanistic thinking of the big agricultural companies, or not.


I must say -- John Hilliard sounds a lot like a person being paid to speak up for Monsanto!

Wine Mule

From Smart's website: "Over the past 15 years, he has focused on his consulting business, Smart Viticulture. His star-studded list of clients include the likes of Penfolds, Cape Mentelle, Errazuriz, Simi and Stag's Leap in California. He now consults in 22 countries, with China a relative newcomer on his books."

Which is to say, he has some big client names to protect from the desperate predations of the "natural" wine cabal. ;-)

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