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Nick Gorevic

I like the "special natural wine" section even better:

Special natural wine is a flavored wine made on bonded wine premises from a base of natural wine. The flavoring added may include natural herbs, spices, fruit juices, natural aromatics, natural essences or other natural flavoring, in quantities or proportions such that the resulting product derives character and flavor distinctive from the base wine and distinguishable from other natural wine. Fruit juices may not be used to give to one natural wine the flavor of another but may be used with herbs or spices to produce a wine having a distinctive flavor. Caramel and sugar may be used in a special natural wine. However, the minimum 60 degrees Brix limitations prescribed in the definition of “Liquid pure sugar” and “Invert sugar syrup” in §24.10 do not apply to materials used in the manufacture of vermouth. Finished vermouth will contain a minimum of 80 percent by volume natural wine. Heavy bodied blending wine and juice or concentrated fruit juice to which wine spirits have been added may be used in the production of special natural wine pursuant to formula approval. (Sec. 201, Pub. L. 85–859, 72 Stat. 1386, as amended (26 U.S.C. 5386))

Great find Alice, although I'm super confused and don't really understand what any of this actually means. What do they think natural means? This is clearly a totally different connotation than "unadulterated" as we often think of it.


Oh sweet Jesus! I've been doing it WRONG the whole time!

Geoffrey Worden

Unreal..couldn't resist.
I remain in constant amazement about how difficult and bizarre we make everything. Thanks for this post, it prompted me to post one of my own about natrual wine and organic confusion as well. http://bigeasywines.blogspot.com/2011/04/natural-wine.html
Wine intimidates too many already, we need to offer more transparency not more obfuscation.

Vinos Ambiz

Oh no! I've been doing it wrong too! I must go shopping for some enzymes, woodchips, acid, sugar, tannins, and maybe some micro-reverse-osmosis-centrifugal-mega-spoofulating equipment too!

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