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You are not alona Alice. We can free our palates and simply taste...'degustation' ...gustar...anyone 'likes' something.


Salut, Laure!


Yes, WE are alone, Alice.
Eliding discourse from every drop you taste - even more: read, feel, smell, see - is a rare gift, but a poisoned gift. To be able to talk about it, to bend language and the conventional thoughts it brings with it in order to show there is something behind it that's just there, only there - Aristotle's so many differences?! - and only perceivable in those rare flashes of recognition, is what dooms this gift and makes us want to return it so badly to wherever it came from.
And, rest assured, if there is someone else, it doesn't go away. It's still there - luckily, maybe - sometimes even more acutely. But what a thrill to feel it every time again.
Sex can be good though, particularly good ... .


Really? Alone? Oh well. Or perhaps rather just alone with like sniffing people. And yes, it can be particularly good, great.


"Just alone with like sniffing people." Have to remember that one!


I'm married so I don't go looking for like-minded wine lovers--what if I find someone who is more wine-sympatico than my wife? Better not to go turning over slate and bramble. Me and the missus agreed on a wine profile, but it really was more me compromising than her. Not that it mattered that much, since over time our preferences came to resemble the others. In the end, the shared experience (journey) became more important than the specific wine (the destination). Do I miss a big 'ol slutty napa cab from time to time? Of course, but I'd prefer to share a 2005 oregon pinot with the wife. After all, she's the one who paired it with pan-seared, schezwan peppercorn-coated tuna, so we'll always have that.


Thanks so much for your comment. I love it. The way you deal with your wine in your life tells me a lot about your relationship, and it still is applicable to my question. So even if there's compromise, this is what it's about no?

Amy Atwood

Well at least your Ex did not only drink red wine, that would have been a deal breaker for sure:)
Yes we are all alone and strange, which makes it even more beautiful when we find someone else to be alone & strange with...and I always delight in someone with an opposite reaction to a wine,a flavor or an aroma that I did not think about before


Funny you should ask about compromise, because I haven't really analyzed it. The question is, Why would one compromise (or not, ATCMB)? My better half has preferences that are always going to be different from mine. What's the deciding factor and the rationale behind it? Am I making a logical case for the pinot gris with that cheese, or am I just digging in my heels? Does she really think the Justification is too tannic, or is she still angry they canceled our Paso Robles weekend reservation at the last minute? The final arbiter, though, is her palate. She is a super-taster, and I'm not. That Pahlmeyer I loved? She can't abide by the eucalyptus notes that overpower. That makes me easier to please, so why shouldn't I compromise more? What also helps is that she is the food person, and I'm the wine person. Each has an area of interest that makes for a better combination. We can enjoy, intellectualize and deconstruct a meal, THEN bone like rabbits.


There you go. Case in point.

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