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Thomas Glasgow

They love to pick on you Alice.


Why is that?


Bashing Natural Wine, denying evolution, bashing NPR and "The Liberal Media" - all attention is good attention right?

Thomas Glasgow

Not sure, they might feel threatened.


Fear their safe environment comes down ... that's all.
Keep banging the walls, Alice. Someone has to breach them. If the Huns won't, we will!

Amy Atwood

Kudos for your patience & perseverance Alice. This writer sounds like most people when they first encounter wines (natural or not) that are outside their comfort zone. They have no flavor context for this new experience and some recoil in shock, retreating to what they know and understand.
Goes back to my Wonderbread vs fresh Sourdough baguette analogy. If you grow up eating the former, you think that bread crusts are supposed to be soft and sweet. Otherwise, it must be bad bread.
Cheers, Amy


Amy. Wait! Me patient? Ha.


I can't understand how anyone could not like the wines you drank that night, especially a "wine expert". I have tasted and loved the Yes!!!, I actually have a bottle that I will drink tonight, but not the other beauties. I follow your wonderful insights, actually it was after reading your book that I started in the natural wine journey, and I am not coming back. Thanks for your work.


That is really kind of you, the wines were delicious, though I can absolutely see the whites being perplexing to the uninitiated. I am so happy that my book had a good effect on your drinking life and enjoyment, that's the best compliment of all.


What did you eat with these wines, and is it possible those combinations had a negative impact on his perception of the wines?


Doubt it. Soup which went well with the oxidation, roast vegetable of the starch variety, cheeses. A very, very peasant meal for peasant wnes.

Joe Dougherty

I'd admit that I didn't like the first Jura white that Robert Callahan sold me back in the day. Had no context, and it was a shock to the system. I think it takes a lot of time to appreciate them, and given the prices I'm OK if the entire universe doesn't love them.

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