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Alfonso Cevola

My buds at Zaccagnini loved Sadat X's review when it came out.

Has it gotten down to this, that James Suckling can walk in a store and like the Amazing Kreskin, put the bottle in his hands and determine the quality (as evidenced in his world by a score or 90 or more?)

Jeesh - our world is really missing the point when it all comes done to them.


Aromatics of dog vomit and baby poo. A tour de force of cultural swill with copious amounts of useless and obnoxious blather....12 points bro, I am being conservative.

Terje Meling

You should post a warning next to the Suckling-link: Contains scenes of shocking banality and unabashed anti-intellectualism!

The video made me feel like I was watching a Todd Solondz movie. It's funny, but so tragic that you feel too embarrassed to laugh.


Funny up to a point, then the tragedy comes in. But Solondz's films also have heart, and that's a big point of difference. This to me was more like the part of Greenaway's films (Belly of an Architect and The Cook the Thief..) when I must cover my eyes or leave the room.

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