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I'm piss too, and yes Oh Well !!

(Safe trips Princesa)

Linus Hollis

Even the Safeway O Dijon is better and strong, but the whole grain organic Dijon from Trader Joe's is even better. Enjoy

barbara shinn

Love the organic mustard trial. Adjusting one's eye from what was once formerly thought to be beautiful (in this case bright yellow) to what is now known to signify beauty....not so yellow equals yummy mustard...mother nature always endures.


if it wasn't propably as difficult as shipping a bottle of wine, I could have send you a glass of the best mustard from my home-town, Düsseldorf - it's guaranteed pure mustard ans vinegar without any adjuncts - they have their traditional "Reinheitsgebot", like the German brewers:-).


but would not help to resolve the sulfur-love problem...

Linus Hollis

By the way, the penny trick [using pre 1981 peroxided pennies to get rid of excess sulfur in wines-CuO2 + Sulfites or sulfides --> CuSO4+H2O] works on metabisulfites too. No more asthma attacks Chez Hollis from sulfites!

Meg Staloff

Hi Alice,
Here's another thought. When we moved here to 'the sticks' where even semi-decent mustard is horribly overpriced, and trips to Fairway are few and far between, I discovered that one can MAKE mustard! Yes, it's true. Buy some mustard seeds, soak them in water and vinegar for two days, hit with the immersion blender, add some salt, and voila! strong mustard. And you can make small amounts so it stays fresh. Try it, with 1/4 cup mustard seeds, 1/3 cup cider vinegar (I add a dash of aged sherry for a bit more flavor), and 1/4 cup water. No sulphur (except, I suppose, what's in the vinegar. And there's none in our crunchy-granola cider vinegar. And, no I don't make that myself. Yet!)


Making my own mustard is a long time coming. I will try it.


I was just about to bring an extra suitcase to France for my Amora addiction. Hmmm...I better rethink this.

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