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Adam Lee

Ahh, what happened to the Alice that not that long ago blogged,

"I'm on board with a resistance to defining the category--as recently stated by Jamie Goode because of that inner anarchist" or the Alice that wrote,

"To hell with the EU, the trend, the anti-establishment stuff, this is about taste first, philosophy second."

Adam Lee
Siduri Wines


I'm still that same Alice, Adam. Not being in favor (at this moment) for certification doesn't mean that I'm going to keep quiet while a genre is bended to suit marketing needs. Now, I'm not saying that's what's going on here. In these cases, I'm thinking just a slight lack of knowledge.

Once the Poilâne bakery started to have multiple ovens outside of Paris, the bread was not artisinal, not the same, even though still quite good. No strict definition doesn't mean ignore the parameters. I never signaled out Sinskey or Peay, yet they stepped up. I noted that neither said they didn't yeast or acidify. They both seemed to make the same error that others do; farming = natural wine. Farming is the start of it, the basis.

Adam Lee


I was just needling you a bit.

However, I honestly think that without standards of certification you will see "Natural Wines" used by virtually everyone. Seems inevitable.

Couple of perhaps unrelated questions --

but when did it become a "genre" rather than a movement?

and where does the use of oak fall into the parameters?

Adam Lee
Siduri & Novy


I think it became a genre when it started to be called 'natural' in the US? Who knows. Maybe it's not. New Oak? If it's a flavoring, nope. But the drinker will decide. I think anyone who loves the adventure of natural wine hates the taste and influence of new oak, everyonce in a while? You have to replace a barrel.

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